A Stay in History

The Cooke House in Virginia Beach, Va., built in 1959. Credit Dave Chance Photography

Earlier this year when I wrote about the Art Institute of Chicago’s Airbnb listing of their reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Arles bedroom I thought that was the pinnacle of Airbnb cool.

Staying at a home designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright seems equally as fun but far more expansive then the 19th century artist’s exuberantly painted bedroom – taking in the view for starters.

The Cooke House in Virginia Beach, Va., built in 1959, is one of Wright’s last commissioned works. It’s a hemicycle-shaped dwelling made of brick with a vast windowed living area overlooking a lake.

For more than three decades, the house has been owned by Daniel Duhl, a retired textile engineer, and his wife, Jane, 80, a former university professor. The couple were married on the property in 1984, and they initially spent many thousands of dollars restoring and updating the 3,000-square-foot house.

A few years ago, after trying to sell it without success, the couple realized the home needed a second, freshening restoration. To fund it, they listed the architectural masterwork on Airbnb.

“Many times we gave a tour to someone and invariably they would say, ‘Can I rent this?’ ” Mr. Duhl said by phone. “There was no way to do that. Then we heard about Airbnb from our kids.”

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