A Place To Reflect, To Reconnect, To Recharge


This past week I have been at Villa del Faro with Seth and Jocelyn, reviewing plans for 2017. It was a week in which the thought came to us: people need time to reflect (among other important things). I took this photo of the Stone Beach Cottage at about 5:30 p.m. yesterday and I can visualize many friends, colleagues, and plenty of as yet unknown folks who would benefit from some reflection time there.

I am aware that not everyone has the option to do this. But for those who do, and must choose a place of quiet contemplation, and would prefer one off grid and close to one of the most remarkable marine ecosystems on the planet, look no further. Disconnect from the news and reconnect with nature. Recharge.

2 thoughts on “A Place To Reflect, To Reconnect, To Recharge

  1. It was nice meeting you Crist, as well as Seth and Joyceln. I agree, the stone beach cottage is amazing. It’s the perfect harmony of man and nature living off the grid with views and landscapes that will reach your primal core. I hope you got the three Pacificos I left for you! Hope to see everyone there soon.

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