The Gulf Of California In Front Of Villa Del Faro


Seth sent a snapshot he quickly took on his phone yesterday late morning at Villa del Faro. He had already told me the day before that they were seeing whales in the same vicinity of where the boats are in this photo, but he had not had his phone handy to snap a picture. So this would have to do. It looked as though a regatta was passing by.

The scenery on the water is changing constantly during the 12 or so hours each day, on average, of sunlight. The Gulf of California is going into the season when the wildlife is more abundantly visible, so I am looking forward to his snapshots.


While there are certainly cloudy mornings from time to time, and those tend to be dramatically beautiful, the norm is a kind of tranquil beauty at sunrise that most people would love to wake up to every day.


This sunrise shot above was nearly identical each morning where I woke up over the last week while on property. I not only did not tire of it, but I knew I would be missing it when I returned to more northerly conditions, where I write from now.


By the way, although I am personally partial to sunrise, the late afternoon sun is otherworldly in this location. The sun hitting these beach stones from the west at about 5pm creates excellent light.


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