Sunrise Over Thevara

thevaraRecently I have been on morning walks extending miles across the waters from Thevara (the land on the left across the water in the photo above) our neighborhood starting in 2010.

In the early years, while getting to know our new neighborhood, I snapped photos mainly of people and took notes.

thevgangIn 2011 I started posting here a series about the kids I met each day on my morning walk. The total number of posts was in the dozens over the years since then. Many of the posts had the tag Our Gang because the children reminded me of a favorite series from my earliest television viewing.

In the photo to the left, taken this morning, the older brother in the background was one of the tiniest Our Gang members back in 2010, and his younger brother (taller in the foreground) was in diapers; the fellow up front was not even born when we moved here.

Also, the home they lived in then, typical of fishermen, was quite smaller, what would be called a hut; today it is a large, two-story home, a symbol of progress. The sunrise over Thevara is a good one.

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