Marvelous Marvin’s Magical Mysteries


At Chan Chich Lodge, in the northwest of Belize, something brings loyal guest back year after year, sometimes multiple times a year. There are many guests who have been coming to Chan Chich year after year for decades; there are more than a handful of guests who have had more than 200 total night stays at the Lodge, one couple approaching 300 nights and at least one couple approaching 400 nights. Having grown up in this business and knowing no other business, I do not have metrics to compare this level of loyalty to any other kind of business.

But I have some clues that explain the loyalty. One of them is a guide named Marvin. He was long ago nicknamed Marvelous Marvin by many of those loyal guests, some of whom just call him M&M for short. How marvelous is Marvin? Ask the cat above, or ask the cat below. Same cat, magically positioned in two profiles.


Marvin has a mysterious knack for being in the right place at the right time. As you can see around the edges of these two snapshots, he placed his phone-camera to his scope when he came upon this beauty, which looks like an adolescent but we will need to examine the patterns of spots more closely to see if it is one of these siblings.

Other clues to help explain that loyalty phenomenon can be found here.

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