Come See, Enjoy, & Count With Us!


We had the good fortune some weeks ago to host one of Europe’s finest birder-guide-photographers at Chan Chich Lodge. His bird photos are wow quality (see below for an example) but my favorite of all his photos is the one above of an ocelot. We are gearing up for Global Big Day at Chan Chich Lodge. Our primary goal is simple. Follow the leader, and lead by example. Our secondary goal is kind of competitive, related to the program’s own details:


For the past two years, the second Saturday in May has been the biggest day of the year for birds: Global Big Day. More than 6,000 species of bird. Tens of thousands of people. 153 countries. Immeasurable fun.

If you find the results from the two prior iterations of this event, and look country-wise, you will see that Belize does not have as many checklists, therefore not as many species counted, as some other countries in the Mesoamerica region. We just cannot have that. Not again! So, again according to the details provided by ebird:

On 13 May 2017, Global Big Day is back. Where will you be?!

Can we set a new record for the number of species eBirded across the world in a single day? Is the the year we’ll hit 7,000 as a global team? With your help, just maybe.

To learn how to participate, and have your birds count, head over to Global Big Day HQ:

Everyone is invited, and everybody can contribute! All you have to do is go birding, and how fun is that? Tell your friends! The success of the project will depend on all of you and how many others you can help get excited about this single day celebration of bird diversity.

This event is a location where you can plan your birding on May 13, talk with other eBirders, and get ready to see some great birds!

We hope that there will be local Facebook events created across the globe where people can connect and plan their May 13th birding, whether you just make it out for 15 minutes around your home, or for 10 hours across your entire county, state, province, or country. If you create or know of one of these local Facebook events, please message us and we’ll post it here!

Come see birds like this one, photographed recently by Leander Khil (click the image below to get a zoomed in version of this image):

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