Getting A Restaurant Ready


Thanks to the Atlantic and its author Erica Moriarty for A Restaurant Brings New Traditions to an 18th-Century Irish Home, with video by The Perennial Plate. These are 20 minutes well spent, especially if you have been through a similar process more than once recently, and even more so if you are contemplating doing so again:

Since the 1700s, the Fennell family has lived on the same property in County Kildare, Ireland. In the past, they were able to generate income from their small farm to support themselves.However, after falling into some financial insecurity, the family was forced to get creative. With no experience in business, James and Joanna Fennell decided to open a restaurant on the property to overlook the kitchen garden, which will provide all the food for the 250-customer space. “We’re good at making quick decisions and acting on them,” says James. This short film, Burtown and the Barn, follows the Fennell family’s journey to opening a large, organic restaurant, The Green Barn on their 300-year-old property. It comes to us from the world-traveling web series The Perennial Plate. To learn more about this series, visit its Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

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