A morning at the beach

Playa Herradura, Costa Rica

On Friday I traveled to Los Sueños to view one of the Marriott properties that will be getting a more sustainable gift shop. While I was there I decided to go down to the beach and do some birdwatching. At first I was disappointed because I only saw black vultures and grackles. Then as I was walking down the beach I saw a bird soaring over the water with a very interesting wing shape. I moved closer to where it was flying and it turned out to be a magnificent frigate bird. Here is the closest photo I was able to get of it. You can just make out the distinct wing shape.

Magnificent Frigate Bird

On my way back I saw some flashes of red in a tree down at the other end of the beach. Upon closer inspection there were four Scarlet Macaws perched in a tree. It was the first time I’ve ever seen them so I took a lot of photos. However, it was very overcast and it was difficult to get a good photo with my phone.

Scarlet Macaws

I loved getting to explore a new part of Costa Rica and birds that I have never seen before. I hope to see some more of the birds on my list before I leave.

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