If Fly Fishing Is The New Bird Watching


George Etheredge for The New York Times

The last time, prior to yesterday, when I posted anything related to fly-fishing, it included an acknowledgement of my brief enjoyment, but prompt abandonment, of the activity.

Today, I remain struck by what I learned about a sub-culture within the culture of fly-tying masters. It made me wonder about the overlap between fly-fishing and bird-watching, and searching on those terms led to an article link at the top of my search results:

Fly Fishing Is the New Bird-Watching

It’s the latest “old timey” hobby to gain a dedicated new following.


George Etheredge for The New York Times

This one photo within the article got me thinking it is worth linking to now, as a marker for myself to start looking more deeply into the larger culture of fly-tying, where I expect to find that most people would abhor the museum heist or, bird-poaching, or any other illegal activity. And it got me wondering whether there is a sub-culture of birders who would rob natural history museums to fuel their hobby. If fly-fishing is the new bird-watching, what might bird-watching tell us about the future of fly-fishing?

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