Brilliant & Ominous

When you genuinely smile and then recoil a moment later, you are responding to what this artist wants you to see and then understand. The animation is brilliant and its short message on how ocean litter/marine plastic is harming marine life is ominous. The  Artist Statement that accompanies it is not required reading, but it is there for the taking:

Two years ago, an experience on a small island inTaiwan changed my life. It was the closest I’d lived to the sea, being only a ten minute drive away. Everyone can enjoy the beach with its white sand and turquoise ocean. At the time, I went snorkeling almost every week. Seeing such alluring tropical fish and coral reefs still lingers in my mind. However, I also cannot forget the scenes of tons of human waste lying around the shore as if it was a part of nature.

It makes me introspect: the ocean brings me happiness that I have never had in my life, but what can I contribute to our environment?

The film is about how human beings are consuming delicious seafood, but sea animals are suffering from the trash we make- not only do we eat them, but also make their living environment poisonous and miserable. As a person who grew up in a big city, this is common sense to me: under no circumstances would I change my lifestyle, or directly pay more attention and concern to the environment, if I hadn’t witnessed the despicable garbage in person. In my opinion, it is necessary yet impossible for everyone to go see the pollution in the ocean; however people love watching films, and films are an efficient way to express issues, and evoke people’s goodness.

Nowadays, our planet is suffering from the waste we’ve made. Countless animals ingest plastic pieces; the garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean, which may contain heavy metal and chemical components, is already three times the size of France. Moreover, the karma is here – research has found microplastics in our daily seafood, human body, and stool. Nobody wants it, but only our actions can make a difference.

Po-Chien Chen:  Story, Direction, Animation

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