Cornell Botanic Gardens & Promises Fulfilled

Picking up where I left off yesterday, this group of photos captures the essence of my morning walk. Destination: the Botanic Gardens on the campus of Cornell University. The photo above is from one of the main campus roads, looking down onto my destination.

At the entrance, looking across a field of well-tended grass to the welcome center, I noticed behind me a sign directing me into to a part of the Botanic Gardens that did not exist the last time I visited (my first visit was in 1988 and I have visited frequently, if not annually, since then).

Demonstrating how gardens are likely to differ within a few decades due to climate change is helpful and interesting to me as I prep an albeit very different kind of garden in Costa Rica.

Bees, again. Yay.

Educational signage again. Yay.

Double yay.

Yay all over.

This super-sized floral sculpture is a good fit for its location.

But I came for the living flowers.

They gave me what I wanted.

And then some.

A final look around, in panoramic mode.

And then back to the Statler Hotel.

Where that signage initiative caught my attention again, in a new location, with a favorite bridge (which was part of my daily walk for the 1988-1989 academic year) in the background.

And right by that signage, another sign, written in stone, that was just the right note for the conclusion of my walk, and the conclusion of my time on campus.

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