Urban Owlets

Recently I had meetings at the Tata Management Training Center in Pune. It’s an amazing place, almost like a national park in the heart of the city. Fortunately, I had my camera bag with me, so I went walking around with my 17-55mm and 70-200mm lenses. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the Sigma 150-500mm nor was I carrying an extender. So 200mm was going to be my max zoom.

While I was walking around, hearing various bird calls and taking aim at some kites that were hovering above, I was told about some resident owls. I went looking for them and was fortunate to spot one of them almost immediately. This Spotted Owlet stared at me for a while and finding no interest (or threat) in me, closed its eyes and looked away. Continue reading

White-collared Kingfisher, Revealed

Eye-view at 4.1mm taken on the iPhone

On a recent trip to Singapore I visited the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to photograph the wildlife there. Singapore had experienced an unusually heavy storm that afternoon and I was wondering if my trip all the way to to the reserve was going to be a waste. Just as I was about to leave (it was getting dark and frankly, a bit lonely/scary), I saw a slight movement in the leaves, far away. Continue reading