Patagonia’s Defense Of Bears Ears


This banner was displayed during the last 12 hours across more than one of the news websites we monitor daily, perhaps showing up on our browsers because of our featuring a reference to Patagonia’s activism here. We had also recently noted their action on Bears Ears. Regardless of why this banner ad reached us, we are happy to extend its reach. Click above if you are in a position to explore and take action on this particular campaign.

Bear Ears Monuments, Cheering & Detraction


Photo by Josh Ewing/Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition

The Food & Environment Reporting Network updates our understanding of the added significance of Bear Ears Monument, and its detractors:

Bears Ears Monument Is A Win For Tribal Food Sovereignty. Will Trump Undo It?

By Kristina Johnson

Seven years ago, the Navajo tribal council in southeastern Utah started mapping the secret sites where medicine men and women forage for healing plants and native people source wild foods. They wanted to make a case for protecting the landscape known as Bears Ears, a place not only sacred to their tribe, but to many other tribes in the region, going back thousands of years. In one of his final acts in office, President Obama late last month created the 1.35-million-acre Bears Ears Monument, in a move that proponents say will safeguard the area’s ecology and guarantee food sovereignty for the region’s Native Americans.: Continue reading