Do You Remember These Dates?

On July 20-22, 2007 all these people attended a workshop of sorts.  On those exact dates I was with my family on a small island in the Adriatic sea, watching off in the distance as fire fighters in airplanes performed their heroics in the forests surrounding Dubrovnik.  Little did I know that Daniel Kahneman was leading a master class for Edge (and those attendees) titled “A SHORT COURSE IN THINKING ABOUT THINKING.” Continue reading

A Friend Shares Photos

Seth mentioned Sloboda Cinema in Dubrovnik, and by the mysteries of modern technology, and friends in faraway places, these photos have arrived, allowing a view of that location from the outside and inside:

These photos were taken a few days ago.  Views of the interior follow the page break and if you have been to Dubrovnik you know how amazing the interior wall of this cinema is in historical terms.  What film did Vesna see? Continue reading

Bonds In Theaters

Here on the southern coast of Nicaragua, I have tracked reviews of the latest Harry Potter movie without yet being able to see it for myself.  My parents and brother went to see it in Kerala today.  Their review was less about the movie itself than about the fact that being in a movie theater in India is a kind of spectacle in its own right, apart from whatever may be happening on screen. I’ll describe the Indian experience in more detail later; for now I think back in time.

In 2006 my family was living on a small island off the coast of Dubrovnik (that is the view from our home in the photo above). About 150 people lived on the island, mostly the families of fishermen, who only spoke Croatian and maybe a little Italian.  The old city of Dubrovnik had a small cinema that sometimes played movies in English.  I recall when the latest James Bond film, with a new actor whose performance everyone was eager to review, started playing in this theater–in English with Croatian subtitles. “Casino Royale,” the movie was called.

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