Munnar, Gem of Kerala

Photo credits : Ramesh Kidangoor

Photo credits: Ramesh Kidangoor

Munnar is famous for its tea plantations, rolling hills, sparkling waterfalls, and sprawling estates, a combination of features which makes it a popular tourist destination. Visitors to Munnar can not only enjoy Kerala’s natural beauty but also learn about and participate in the area’s culture and economy. As attested in these photographs, Munnar has been one of Kerala’s hotspots for tea production, with tea plantations scattered throughout the rolling mountain ranges. Continue reading

Kolukkumalai – Munnar

Photo credits : Unni Pillai

Photo credits: Unni Pillai

Located in the upper reaches of Kerala at the border with Tamil Nadu, at an elevation of 7,900 feet above sea level, Kolukkumalai offers a fantastic view of the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu. Kolukkumalai is famous for one of the highest tea estates in the country, and is among the most popular tourist spots in Munnar. Continue reading

The Greenery of Wayanad, Kerala

Photo credits : Jimmy

Photo credits: Jimmy

Wayanad is a place of true beauty: thickly wooded hills, lush evergreen forests, rolling rice paddies in the valleys and verdant spice plantations in the hills. The area is packed with bamboo groves, moist deciduous forest, and  semi-evergreen forests. Roads winding through the rugged hills carry domestic and international tourists alike on a scenic route through the district. Continue reading

Unseen Munnar

Photo Credits: Roji Antony

Photo Credits: Roji Antony

Located 1600 metres above sea level, this hill station become the headquarters for several tea plantations scattered throughout the Western Ghats. The need to serve these plantations led to the growth of  Munnar and its surroundings. With the tag of tourism, it has became a magnet for travelers, offering great opportunities for walking, trekking, nature photography and golfing. Continue reading

Calveri Mount, Idukki

Photo credits : Dileep

Photo credits: Dileep

Calveri Mount is a beautiful destination, situated on the high ranges of the Western Ghats about 40 kilometers from Periyar Tiger Reserve. From Calveri Mount one can experience a spectacular panoramic view of Idukki reservoir – the biggest arch dam in India. The location also offers great trekking and the scenic beauty of Idukki’s valleys and high-altitude hills.  Continue reading

Tea Plantations – Munnar

Photo credits : Ramesh Kidangoor

Photo credits: Ramesh Kidangoor

Munnar is a popular tourist destination in Kerala, attracting many people mesmerized by its manicured tea gardens and unique biodiversity. The region holds the largest tea plantations in India. In the nineteenth century, the British Resident of the Travancore Kingdom, John Daniel Munro, visited Munnar and had a great interest in the plantations. Continue reading

Beauty of Idukki

Photo credits : MN Shaji

Photo credits: MN Shaji

Kerala’s Idukki District is known for its famous dams, forests and rich animal habitat. With an astonishing 50 percent of the total area under green cover this hilly region has managed to retain its charm and pristine environment. Idukki’s stunning natural beauty and diverse wildlife make it   dream tourist destination. Continue reading

Beauty Of Kerala, Vagamon

Photo credits : Praveen Bhaskaran

Photo credit:  Praveen Bhaskaran

Vagamon is a land with undisturbed forests, exotic flora and fauna — green glades and verdant meadows interspersed with shola forest combine to create a picturesque landscape.  1200 metres above sea level, Vagamon is located approximately 45 km from Thekkady; a true paradise for hikers and trekkers. Continue reading

Beauty of Munnar Tea Plantations

Photo credits:Ramesh Kidangoor

Photo credits: Ramesh Kidangoor

Located above 1700 meters Munnar was the summer residence of the British administration of South India.The British recognized the potential of tea and started planting on about 580 square kilometers of land. Now famous for its tea plantations, Munnar retains its colonial charm with sprawling estates, rolling hills , sparkling waterfalls undulating valleys and hamlets. Continue reading