Thank You, Guardian & John Vidal


Vidal visiting the experimental solar thermal power plant on the outskirts of Masdar, UAE, in 2011.

When the photograph to the left was taken we were just starting to gather stories here.  John Vidal was the veteran among major news-gathering organizations and the Guardian had shown leadership with an Environment section. Not always pleasant, but fair to say that Mr. Vidal has balanced the good, the bad and the ugly better than most. Thanks to him for that.

In 27 years as environment editor at the Guardian, I have seen both devastation and progress. Now I’m retiring – but I still have hope for the future of the planet

John Vidal on an Arctic ice floe in 2012.

John Vidal on an Arctic ice floe in 2012. Photograph: Daniel Beltrá/Greenpeace

In September 1989, Guardian editor Peter Preston took me to one side. “Environment? Your idea. You do it,” he said. I was on the arts desk and had quite forgotten that, two years earlier, I had proposed that we cover this fast-emerging issue in more depth and with new pages. Continue reading