Bismar’s Birds

Our involvement with conservation tourism around the world has taught us the vital importance of guides, whether they be for cultural visits or treks in the forest.  Good interpretation is something that cannot be underestimated, in fact, it has been said to us before that “a visit to the rain forest without a guide is like a visit to the library without knowing how to read.”  In both cases there are opportunities to take in the atmosphere, but without the interpretive element that atmosphere is missing an infinite amount of context.

A good nature guide must have the obvious strengths of a “good eye”.  They must also be able to communicate well with their visitors, even if language barriers are present.  (Herein lies part of the beauty of the scientific names for flora and fauna!)  It’s an even greater boon if the guide’s “good eye” translates into being a good photographer.

Bismar López is an example of one of these talented guides, and we hope to highlight more from different parts of the world in the future.  He’s been guiding at Morgan’s Rock, a nature resort in southern Nicaragua (where Seth Inman spent the summer interning) since 2008. Growing up in a small community near the reserve has helped develop his love of Nature, especially birds. Continue reading