Common Lantana – Lantana camara



Lantana is native to the American tropics but is now naturalized throughout India. A widespread invader, this plant has taken over large tracts of land. Lantana is an evergreen, strong smelling perenial with stout recurved prickles. It is commonly used in home and public gardens as the flowers and subsequent fruit attract butterflies, moths and birds. The leaves and stems are also used in traditional medicines. Continue reading

What I brought back from Switzerland: Collection of Alpine Flowers

From my recent trip to Switzerland in early June, I took numerous photos of flowers. As my family and I hiked up the Alpine mountains, I was completely taken in by these flowers covered and surrounded by icy snow. This is a story of Alpine flowers.

p.s. Because I am not a flower expert, identifying the names of flowers was a challenging task for me. Thus, I welcome any feedback and hope everybody can help me finish identifying flower names! 🙂

Burnet Rose / Rosa spinosissima

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Railway Glory (Ipomoea cairica)

Railway Glory is a tropical, perennial climbing vine with tuberous roots, spreading extensively in the hills of India’s Western Ghats up to 1000m. The plant blooms throughout the year, growing aggressively over fences, shrubs and trees. The attractive flowers are purple, pink or rarely pinkish white. In Kerala it is commonly planted in gardens and around houses for insulation against the summer heat. It is also known by the names Cairo Morning Glory and Coastal Morning Glory. Continue reading