Cool, Cool Water

Our quest to find new, ever-more effective ways to live well and responsibly (simultaneously), if not Big Ideas, sometimes leads us to counter-trendy moments of truth.  It feels right to discuss sustainable development using the language that has been in circulation for 25 years or so:

meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs

Yet, it was a refreshing splash of water on the face, a dash of realism, to read the last line of this brief profile:

…Lassoie’s personal belief that no one wants to sacrifice their present condition for the condition of future generations.

“I’ve never met anybody anywhere who would sacrifice their children for their unborn grandchildren,” he said.

Read the article to understand the context, and you may find yourself thinking about returning to graduate school if you consider this kind of conundrum (truly good statements contrasted with realistically true statements) fascinating, as we do.  Finding this profile was an extension of our investigation into the resources at Cornell University related to sustainable development and conservation, which previously led us here.

2 thoughts on “Cool, Cool Water

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