Music To Travel With

Speaking of Wim Wenders and good music, one of the great musical entrepreneurs that Wenders has collaborated with more than once–see Paris, Texas (1984) and Buena Vista Social Club (1999)–is Ry Cooder.  If you daydream of traveling to Cuba, and there is a soundtrack to that daydream, it is very likely due to Cooder’s work starting in 1996 with a group of Cuban musicians that led to some performances, then several albums, and eventually that documentary film by Wenders.

If slide guitar evokes the southwest United States for you, that too is likely Cooder’s doing.  Bringing it closer to home (geographically but not in any other way) for those of us in Kerala, his cover of The Coast of Malabar, recorded with The Chieftains on their album The Long Black Veil is a melancholy ballad.  Do not listen to it unless you are in romantic wallow mode.

Instead, if you want to travel a bit more with music listen and kick your heels up at the same time, listen to the last track on that album. The Rocky Road to Dublin, a collaboration between The Chieftains and The Rolling Stones will send you off with a smile.  Back to Ry Cooder, thanks are due to for his reverential post (not really a review) about this new release.

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