Comforting Words

Everyone who has lived apart from the culture they associate with “home” is familiar with the notion of comfort food.  Sometimes it is nourishing, like oatmeal, and other times more of a guilty pleasure, like this one:

As with all guilty pleasures, you avoid thought.  You just enjoy.  It brings you home, for a moment, wherever that may be.  But sometimes, your eye is caught by the glint on the packaging and you learn something new.  By the good graces of modern technology and thanks mainly to the requirements we place on companies to share helpful information about the things they produce that they call food–we may have unexpected vocabulary-enriching experiences, like this one:

Thank you, folks at Kraft Foods and Cadbury who keep the English language evolving into new territory:


Really?  And:


What would those be?  Comforting stuff, we hope.

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