Borneo On Our Mind

If you enjoyed Nicole’s post, you will definitely want to watch this.  We had the opportunity to exchange emails with Willie and can affirm what you will see at 1:11 (one minute and eleven seconds) into this TED talk: being an activist for a cause you care about can be frustrating and challenging enough that applause is not a motivator.  He is already recognized by enough famous organizations that our two cents will seem a pittance, but we consider him a hero of entrepreneurial conservation, so must say: thank you Willie!

If you feel the same way after watching this video, say so by visiting this website and then this one.  Especially this latter link should give you some ideas about how to get involved and make a difference.

One thought on “Borneo On Our Mind

  1. Thank you so much for this post, for sharing Willie’s TED talk, and for including ways to become more involved. Incredibly powerful, inspiring, and goose-bump-giving all-around. I must admit that I was not all too familiar with Willie’s work before ~ I could not agree more about the importance of integration.

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