Color Wheels

Whether by coincidence or just being on a roll (sorry), I just came across an inspiring urban art project that is part Civil Disobedience, part Public Art Initiative, part plain old recycling and completely FUN!

“Torontonians” Caroline MacFarlane and Vanessa Nicholas rejuvenated a potential eye soar (an abandoned rusty bicycle locked to a street pole) by painting it neon red and planting its basket with flowers.  Instead of a “Thank You” the women received a parking ticket from the city authorities.  Campaigns and protests followed and the Mayor eventually saw the error in his ways.

Spurred on by success, The Good Bike Project was born and the bikes are popping up in various parts of the city,  color coordinated to lead visitors and residents alike toward sites of artistic, cultural, community and historical significance.

A neon red bike from the Good Bike Project

The artists write:

the good bike project stems from the good, a blog about Toronto’s creative community. We adopted Toronto’s historical nickname, the good, for our blog because it aptly describes both what’s frustrating and wonderful about this city.

On its own the word “good” is powerful in its simplicity.  I love the extra dimension, the community, the resourcefulness of its use here. My wheels are turning.  Resourcefulness makes me think of India, a land filled with rusty bicycles doing powerfully good things.  Yet another example of what wheels can do.

3 thoughts on “Color Wheels

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