Collective Action & Learning

This site has more than one expression of gratitude for the founders, funders, faculties and students at more than one institution of higher learning.  Students have written their own descriptions of gratitude for experiences that such schools (as well as their families and communities) have prepared them for.  Recently I have interacted with the faculty and students of a course at Brown University and the takeaways keep on giving and then giving some more. Now, I extend an invitation, or recommendation, to students elsewhere: join!

I do not necessarily mean, as in here, join us.  Just as well if you can support the efforts here or here or here; otherwise take your pick from other posts on this site.

I direct this to students at a course at Cornell University, taught by Steve Wolf.  They are challenged to figure out the collective action problem, and solve it practically.  Side note: some recent graduates of Cornell, such as Nicole and Katrina, have shared their personal experiences in projects inspired by the topics in this course; a couple of examples are here and here (see their other posts by clicking on their names on the right side of this site); so has Adrien, a couple of years out of Amherst; and David, who would have graduated Brown a few years ago if he had not been busy forming this organization.

You get the point.  I hope that more of you join, wherever you may. And you are more than welcome here.  We all look forward to your contributions.

6 thoughts on “Collective Action & Learning

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