Stretching Venues

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I have posted images and passing thoughts about my recent work travels to venues that represent my day to day work, but nothing until now about visiting with another contributor to this site, in New York City, on a beautiful autumn long weekend.  That visit had its work component too, but I took away an image of creative energy that was not particularly work-related, nor (I thought until now) related to the core themes of this site, so I neglected to share these images before.

Thanks to a couple of blog posts on The New Yorker‘s website on the topic of OWS, for example here and again here, I cannot resist.  The image from one of those two posts has been working on me for the last 24 hours:

(click the image to see some other “participant contributed” graphic designs)

No, the OWS manifestations do not seem to have much in common, at first glance, with our entrepreneurial conservation themes.  If I stretch the venue in one direction, I might say that we are trying to demonstrate “no more business as usual” and so are OWS participants.  If I stretch the venue in another direction I think about the role of parents influencing their children in preparation for career, life, etc..  Then what would I say?

The same, I think.

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