Revisiting The Tiger Trail

When I send emails to friends, colleagues, and others about this website, and the objectives of Raxa Collective, I normally add links to a few posts that I think are representative.

Almost always, this one is included.  Michael captured the moment well.

As we continue adding contributors to this site, and the diversity of topics and locations we pay attention to expands, for some reason I still come back to the Tiger Trail as a favored topic because it is such a good example of what we care about.

That tendency to return, at least in thought, led me to reconnect with a “lost” member of our Tiger Trail entourage.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tal Nagourney was standing in the same place as we got outfitted the morning we embarked on that journey.  Whatever words were first exchanged, the topic of conversation was almost immediately on solar energy, very much on my mind because of  Gourvjit’s coordination of an assessment for outfitting Cardamom County with renewable energy.

Tal had just completed seven months working in Israel designing and simulating cost-effective charging circuits to improve heliostat power management efficiency (my vocabulary expanded that day) after becoming an engineer in microelectronics late last year.  It took a bit of time for me to ask where he had gone to school:

“RIT?  Oh, we know the weather well; we spent seven years in Ithaca.  Milo and his brother Seth were born there.  So was Michael.”

“Well, that’s funny.  I am just about to begin my masters degree at Cornell, in the field of nanotechnology.”

So began our journey.  I am not sure how we all lost the slips of paper with email addresses, but so what?  I found Tal easily enough recently.  Social media, of course.  It was not the solar engineering or the nanotechnology that got me thinking about him, but a hunger for more images from the amazing couple of days we all spent with some ex-poachers (the photos in the slide show are among those he just sent me).  It is so easy to think of all the things out there that are not working, I cling tightly to those small wonders.  Those things that work.

5 thoughts on “Revisiting The Tiger Trail

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