Yellow Bush Dart

Yes, I used this picture in a previous post, but I feel it is worthy of a repost, especially when the female counterpart is included. If memory serves, this was one of, if not the first odonate picture I took with an SLR camera. 

The male’s photograph was taken on the way down the mountains and into the city, and the female’s was taken on the way up the mountains, and into Thekkady. Both photos taken in Idukki District, Kerala (Copera marginipes).

4 thoughts on “Yellow Bush Dart

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  2. Thanks Jimi!

    The male on my hand was photographed immediately after rescuing it from a spider’s web. I was actually leaning over a pond’s edge to get shots of a water lily when I noticed him struggling to free himself from the sticky thread. I didn’t even see the spider in sight and there were mosquitoes biting me. As they say… release the dragon!

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