Non-Conformist Rabble-Rousing

This week there is a profile in The New Yorker of the “organization” behind OWS, or more precisely an account of how the movement got its start.  It is in front of the pay wall (click the image to the left to be taken to the article) and is intriguing from the perspective of collective action, a topic we have written about several times.

Conversations by email and phone between two fellows who have not seen each other in person in years seems to have sparked an enormous extended mobilization.

The movement’s evolution, organizationally speaking, is interesting from an entrepreneurial perspective: there is a “don’t try this at home” sense that emanates from the pages.

There is even a bit of pending doom coming out of the storyline, but that is not due to the scenes so common in the media of protesters being pepper-sprayed and otherwise roughed up by the police:  more likely it is from the perspective of readers who cannot imagine this way of organizing being effective.

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