The Meaning(s) Of Organic

At first glance, this article and others on this website appeared to be of the “denier” variety, but on close read of this particular item (click the banner below to go to the article) it seems clearly of the educational clarification variety.

According to Rodale and his acolytes, products created by—and processes carried out by—living things are fundamentally different from lab-based processes and lab-created products. The resurrection of this prescientific, vitalistic notion of organic essentialism did not make sense to scientists who understood that every biological process is fundamentally a chemical process. In fact, all food, by definition, is composed of organic chemicals.

But the other titles on the topic of organic are not simply educational –e.g. Why Organic Food Is Bad For The Environment and the even more transparent Like E. Coli? Enjoy Organic Food–the latter of which is written by this fellow who also considers solar energy a dodgy idea and blames progressives for promoting such folly.  The axe is grinding somewhere behind this website.

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