Our Gang, Thevara (#6)

The stance is familiar to anyone of North American, Cuban, Central American or Venezuelan heritage.  But it is not what it first might seem to anyone from those places.  An anglophile, indophile, or carribophile will immediately recognize the bat our neighborhood friend is gripping.  On any given day, on any given street in the country that currently holds the trophy as world champions in cricket, you are likely to see something like this.

Thevara is no different.  Small lanes are like giant stadiums to these fellows.  And what is our friend likely thinking?  More like, dreaming.  Just like his Havana, Caracas, Managua or Brooklyn counterpart he is dreaming of the fences.

His mighty bat sent the ball over the fence and the lady yelling from the other side, about the ball that almost hit her window, is part of the fun.  They may also be dreaming of the celebrity showered on great batsmen, but let’s hope they are just enjoying the game like any kid, anywhere, anytime.

4 thoughts on “Our Gang, Thevara (#6)

    • Hi Toemailer. I love your blog’s point of view…a lighthearted concept attached to the more serious structure of community contribution. Sounds like a good fit with our mission statement of Community, Collaboration and Conservation Around the World!

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