Water, Dams, Kerala & Tamil Nadu

In the lovely monsoon season, one of our Contributors wrote about crossing the border from Kerala into Tamil Nadu.  The writing took the man from mars perspective: a South Korean observing two distinctly different cultures and landscapes within southern India, writing with a sense of wonder and backed up by great photographs.

Lately things are different.  Sung would not be able to make that same journey.  The politics of water–actually the politics of politics superimposed on the politics of water, or vice versa–seem to be the problem.  Another of our Contributors, writing seven weeks prior to Sung about the same cross-border excursion, hinted at the problem seen today, with martian prescience.

There is no bridge between the two state level views of this dam issue, yet.  Every Keralite holds a strong view of their state’s correct stance; every Tamil, the same.  The national Supreme Court and the Prime Minister of India have made no headway, perhaps because they too are subject to the same pressures as politicians in each state.   King Solomon would be hard-pressed in this case to say anything intelligent let alone wise.

So for now there is tension.  And the tension exists not least because in the cacophony of news reports, there is an emphasis on tension.  It is impossible to find one news account online that gives a balanced view of the dilemma.  It is very easy to find news about danger and malice.  A rational solution exists.  Cooler heads will prevail, but when?

When we find the balanced view, we will post it here.

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