Wordsmithing: Greenhew

This noun, now rarely used, is a word that might have been used in one of Seth’s historical notations on Pilgrims in the New World, who came to understand how the indigenous communities made productive, careful use of the land:

1. Green vegetation growing in a wood or forest and serving as a cover for game.

1a. 1598 J. MANWOOD Treat. Lawes Forrest viii. §4. f. 46, If the people of a whole towneship doe make wast in the greene hew of the Forrest.

1621 in G. Ornsby Select. from Househ. Bks. Naworth Castle (1878) 150 Received of Chr. Harding‥for green-huge, ijs. viijd.

1648 E. COKE 4th Pt. Inst. Lawes Eng. lxxiii. 299 The Kings Officers within his Forest have charge of Venison, and of Vert or Green hue for the maintenance or preservation of the Kings game.

1774 T. WEST Antiq. Furness (1805) 85 They may take unto themselves green hew, or wood, out of my woods.

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