Evolved Cooperation

Any given morning in the neighborhood called Thevara, where we have some wonderful friends, the fishermen do their thing a few meters from the riverfront walkway.  To call that cooperation is like calling the kettle black.  But just as we found this explanation of man-animal cooperation fascinating, this morning’s mobile phone snapshots got interesting.

Those fish coming up make their way to the fellow waiting on the shore with the bicycle.  That fellow takes the fish through the neighborhood honking a special horn that fishmongering bicyclists all over India seem to use.  Not only do people know that horn, but so do cats.

The fishmonger-feline  cooperative habit would probably puzzle game theorists and biologists alike: we know what the cat gets, but what does the man get?  From this morning’s field research vantage point, it might be explained by something not visible in these snapshots: the motor-like sound called purring.

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