Ever Clever

Click the image to the left to go to Dan Ariely’s always interesting and insightful blog site, where a recent post highlights a grocery whose shoppers are committed to lifestyles of health and sustainability.  The opener contains the key point:

Jared Wolfe, one of the students working with me, took the following pictures at Whole Foods a few days ago.  They illustrate amazing creativity in defining what the term “a deal” means.

1) Regular price is $1.99 and the Sale price is?   Two of the same item for $5 — which according to Whole Foods’ quick calculation is a savings of $1.02.  Amazing.

2) Regular price is $3.99 and the Sale price is?  $3.99 — thankfully this time they did not add any amount to the savings.

Does the grocer sometimes abuse the trust of their clients, or merely make dumb mistakes?  The answer would seem to lie in whether these incorrect calculations always accrue to the favor of the grocer, or whether they happen equally frequently in favor of the shopper.  We hope the latter, for everyone’s sake.

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