It May Look Friendly…

Kerala’s bus stations are scheduled Pandora’s Boxes. Locals have learned to live with the emergent demons. An unprepared visitor might have trouble coping with the dense mass of humanity that is the spirit of the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation. It is in fact questionable to me whether locals are actually bothered by the absurd multitude of other passengers, or by the laughable impossibility of gaining access to an undersized and uncomfortable seat. Who knows whether they enjoy the sensation of being in a dog-fighting spacecraft during their daily transit or not? It’s a distinct possibility that the acceptance (or insensitivity) of these people for ridiculous roads was grandfathered in during what I can only presume was the Wild West for aspiring colonial drag racers… “Exciting East”?

To the chronic rubbernecker’s dismay,  and what I hope is the delight of the rest of us, accidents are not a common sight in Kerala’s streets. Incidences are still high, as is only to be expected with the rash rationale of the road, but somehow or other they (thankfully) remain a relatively unusual spectacle to me, even after a year and a half in the state. It may look friendly, but the creature pictured below is more likely to strike terror into the hearts of travelers than rampaging elephants, starving tigers, and agitated cobras combined.

Not Pictured: Mildly Psychotic Driver

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