Holier Than Holi?

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After noting several reasons, big and small, that we trust The Guardian, I kept looking at those photos.  When I showed Milo, as usual he already knew much more about the topic of Holi than I (not a major feat in this case because until seeing those photos in The Guardian I knew precisely zero about Holi), so today when those photos caught my eye again it occurred to me that The Guardian might just have some more. 

Indeed they do. Click here to go to the original location of the photos above.  There is also a very brief explanation and praise of Holi in The Guardian here.

I suppose other publications may also have some great photos on Holi, but here I tip my hat to 21st Century liberalism, in full color.  Meanwhile, it seems undeniably true that no one is you-er than you, but can you name any more colorful righteous celebration in the world?  If so, do tell.

4 thoughts on “Holier Than Holi?

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