Green Lifestyle Everywhere You Go in a Concrete Jungle

This will be my first post that I’m writing for Raxa Collective. To be honest, I was waiting for a great idea to jump out at me that will brilliantly catch everyone’s attention. But, now that I think about it, blogs are more about sharing a stream of mind in our daily life, so here I am.

As I’m spending my spring break in NYC, I’ve been observing a range of eco-lifestyles all around me, even in this urban area. You may think that New Yorkers care less about the environment because they live in a “concrete jungle”, but it’s proved to be wrong. In NYC, there are so many organic stores, restaurants that serve organically and locally grown vegetables and fruits, farmers markets, etc. – the list goes on and on. Seriously, there are even farming and gardening classes and programs for both children and adults!

At the South Street Seaport, Manhattan, I was passing by a building that had a rooftop garden, which is clearly a trend now in NYC. People might have avoided creating a rooftop garden in the old days because they thought that the construction cost was high or adding such a roof on an architectural structure was complicated or cause damage to the building. Now, everything is changed – there are so many different structural and landscaping materials that allow us to efficiently build a workable garden on your roof! (I know this because I’m currently taking a landscaping class at Cornell and because our semester-long project is to design a rooftop garden.)

It is amazing to see these city dwellers finding their ways to live a green lifestyle and still be New Yorkers!

I’ll keep posting my stories as I approach the end of my college life, so tune in if you liked my blurb for the day.

Peace, Love, Green ❤


(Click here, here and here for more on the subject of urban farming from Raxa Collective.)

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