If You Happen To Be In New York April 10

Seth’s third installment is well timed to coincide with an upcoming event covering similar issues (albeit one is an undergraduate’s ornithology student perspective and the other a Harvard superstar entomology professor’s perspective).  Click the image to the left to go to the New York Public Library’s invitation to visit with one of our favorite scientists.  Click here to read more about his upcoming book (and view the three short videos at the bottom of the front page when you click through).  The promo for the event at NYPL says:


Where did we come from? What are we? Where are we going? Conceived in ultimate simplicity by Paul Gaugin on the canvas of his Tahitian masterpiece, these are in fact the central problems of religion and philosophy. Will we ever be able to solve them? Sometimes it seems not. Yet perhaps we can.”  E. O. Wilson

In The Social Conquest of the Earth, E.O. Wilson, one of our greatest living scientists, tackles the fundamental questions of religion, philosophy, and science. Arguing that the sources of morality, religion, and the creative arts are fundamentally biological in nature, Wilson presents an explanation for the origin of the human condition and why it resulted in our domination of the Earth’s biosphere.

And if that interests you, then this probably will too, in particular if you find the following introduction compelling:

For those who have been following this scrum, I thought I would include a portion of the conversation that did not end up in the final version, focusing on Wilson’s response to critics. It gets pretty deep in the biological weeds, and it doesn’t ready smoothly, since both us often stopped sometimes in mid-sentence to make ourselves more clear. (I’ve trimmed a few really incomprehensible dead ends.) But if you just can’t enough of the Hamilton Inequality, enjoy…

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