Forests Need People

The premise underlying entrepreneurial conservation is that there are good economic reasons to preserve natural and cultural heritage.  And when such good reasons present themselves, opportunity dances with need. With natural heritage in particular, in the interest of introducing the dance partners with neither too much fanfare nor scowling, we have taken a light approach to the concept of biophilia, making reference from time to time.

Click the photograph above, by Raul Touzon, to go to National Geographic‘s online coverage of forests under threat, which we link to with entrepreneurial intent.  A bit of fanfare (just look at that creature!) and a hint of scowl are inevitable when you read the sampling in this series:

This panther chameleon is one of thousands of species found nowhere else than in the rain forests of Madagascar. Such species are at risk of becoming extinct if the island’s moist tropical forests and dry forests disappear.

The greatest threat to Madagascar’s forests is the country’s widespread poverty, Donovan said, which drives many of its citizens into logging.

The point, at this moment is this:  while we are convinced that Mr. Wilson got it right, that people need forests, it is equally true that forests need people.  It is difficult to ignore the desperate state of that need.

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