Bollywood Century

As several of us prepare to celebrate a couple years of residence in India, and this site approaches its first birthday, a certain theme song (and equally essential accompanying dance) comes to mind.  Therefore, a big thanks to The New Yorker‘s James Pomerantz for posting this reminder:

While it may seem like just yesterday that the silent film “Shree Pundalik” was released in Mumbai, May 18th marks the hundredth anniversary of what many consider to be the first Indian film made. The past century has seen India grow to become the world’s largest producer of films…

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The photographer whose work is shown in that post, and above, is Jonathan Torgovnik; his work on this theme is collected in a 2004 Phaidon book (click here for The New Yorker‘s recommendation on how to buy it).  Thanks to MOMA we had the opportunity to celebrate Bollywood in another venue, but today’s milestone seems worthy of another bit of kicking up the heels.

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