Climate & Civilization

On a Monday morning, probably the last thing you want to hear about is how climate changed wiped out a civilization.  And one of our objectives on this site is to not merely serve as a feed for depressing news.  Yet this story, for all its dark implications (especially for the billion+ of us living in the region discussed in the piece) is not merely a bummer.  It also inspires on at least two levels, both related to science as it intersects with conservation. For those of us still young enough to follow in the footsteps of Jared Diamond and his many fellow scientific-discoverers, what better illumination (in a gloomy sort of way) of a potential career path?  For those of us of a certain age, with perspective already focused on future generations beyond our own, it provides fuel to the fire of our determined efforts not to ignorantly or lazily replicate age-old human errors…

Click the image to go to the story in Discovery‘s news website:


  • The Harappans enjoyed plumbing, complex trade routes and a system of writing.
  • The civilization built up in a “goldilocks” period when the rivers flooded often enough to support agriculture.
  • As the climate changed, so did the monsoon season, lowering the floods and support for their cities.


The mysterious fall of the largest of the world’s earliest urban civilizations nearly 4,000 years ago in what is now India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh now appears to have a key culprit — ancient climate change, researchers say.

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