Flawed Definition Of Luxury

Beautiful, environmentally valuable natural areas increasingly seem to fit the definition of luxury, based on their scarcity and the quality of the pleasure they provide.  Golf, also, is often defined as a luxury.  Can golf and pristine wilderness both be defined, correctly, as luxuries?  Linguists, please weigh in.

Meanwhile, above, a promo clip on a new documentary about a beautiful place, Trumped (talk about misdefining luxury!).  Thanks to the Green blog at the New York Times website, this story which even an avid golfer might wince at:

On July 15, Trump International Golf Links finally opened. But not everyone was delighted to see one of Britain’s last stretches of coastal wilderness transformed into a putting green.

“You’ve Been Trumped,” a documentary film by the British director Anthony Baxter that opens on Friday in at the Angelika Film Center in New York, tells the story of the dunes that Mr. Trump thought should become “the greatest golf course in the world” and the locals who fought the project.

This week we chatted with Mr. Baxter about the golf course and his experience making the film. Following are excerpts, edited for brevity and clarity:

Q.  How did you get interested in the dunes and Mr. Trump’s plans for the course?
A.  I live in a town called Montrose, on the east coast of Scotland, which is just down the road from where Donald Trump announced he would be building the golf course. I had recently made a documentary for the BBC on man-made erosion on the beach in Montrose, and that got me interested in the environment of the coast and dune systems. So when I heard of Mr. Trump’s plans, I was interested in the very unique dune ecosystem of the Menie estate, where he intended to build.

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