From Feather to Frame

Painting by: Jane Pompilio George

It was with pleasure that I recently discovered a Cornell “neighbor” who happens to be both an artist and bird lover, who takes inspiration from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s round-the-clock “bird cam” nest images.  (Click on the painting above to go directly to her blog.)

People all over the world have been able to experience (and be inspired by) the nesting of great blue herons and red-tailed hawks near the Cornell campus, as well as Osprey nests in other parts of the United States.

The Lab has multiple programs designed to promote community interest in birds.  Seth’s work with Celebrate Urban Birds (CUBS for short) at both Ithaca and this summer in Ecuador is one. Ben’s involvement in the World Series of Birding is another!  The more I explore the Lab website and read about eBird and other programs the more I see what a wonderful time it is to be a student of ornithology!

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