Dear Pretenders, Best In Category Is Here

Commencement speech season is long over, and I barely remember this last batch, though from time to time I have an opportunity to watch those of people I admire. Thanks to the internet for that, among all its wonders. This one above does credit to the genre, and to the school, not to mention the speaker himself. I believe he is as good as any commencement speaker I have ever heard. The video of his talk has not gone viral, nor is it likely to.  But Robert Krulwich, hitherto known to us mainly by his froggy nasal tones on Radio Lab and elsewhere, has arrived. At least, he is in our pantheon.

It is rare to find a half hour so well spent as this, whether or not you have university-aged kids, are a recent or soon to graduate university student yourself, or just plain curious how the man of wonders might mete advice given the opportunity.  And thanks not least to him for introducing us to this amazing-sounding college.  We will be interviewing for interns there soon, no doubt.

p.s. Jad, our feelings about you remain the same, but your buddy is now playing leap-frog.

2 thoughts on “Dear Pretenders, Best In Category Is Here

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