Batons Passing, Generation To Generation

Long before Carson and Attenborough, as noted in a post by Meg last year, there were Vedic, Buddhist and Hindu texts; Old Testament scribes, New Testament scribes, great Islamic scholars; but also there were Greek philosophers, Roman thoughts nearly lost; on and on, closer to the present with Thoreau; etc.

All providing us with a sense of reverence for, and a way to understand, the mysteries we will refer to here as Nature.  But what is next?  And who will be our interpreters and scribes?  Anyone following this site will know we are partial to Jad‘s sonically luscious and always surprising approach to making sure we understand and appreciate the world we live in; ditto for Krulwich (whom we have pointed to plenty of times but if you can only focus on one, make it this one).  Thanks to the the latter, we came upon the clip above, and with one viewing we see a possible answer.

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