Dispatch From Santiago

We do not know him (yet) but he has written an insightful article, worthy of some of our own favorite writers (where is Michael, you might reasonably ask):

Two particular days have helped me appreciate the variability and unexpected nature of reporting. One morning during my first week on the job at The Santiago Times (a English-language newspaper in Chile’s capital that covers Chilean and Latin American news), I picked up a pitch to go to a press conference the next day concerning homelessness in Chile. I was working on a different article when, an hour later, my editor poked his head into the writers’ room.

“There’s something going on at La Moneda about the homelessness announcement right now,” he said. “You want to run over and see what it’s about?”

His question took me by surprise and made me pretty nervous, but I immediately jumped at the chance. A week before, my group of Harvard undergraduate interns in Chile had visited La Moneda, the presidential palace, marveling at its impressive white façade and the stoic guards in uniform who guarded the entrance. I wouldn’t miss an opportunity to go into the historic building, and then tell my friends nonchalantly, “Oh, I covered a meeting inside La Moneda today.”

Click the image above to go to the story.

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