Birds, Birders & Megastorms

Watch also for our 2PM eBird story with final predictions and strategy recommendations for birding Sandy.

If there is a silver lining to every cloud–even the most unwanted clouds–birders will always find them. We appreciate the “safety first” approach as much as the sense of dedication to the craft. Click the image above to go to the story:

…this is a going to be a wet, messy, and dangerous storm that affects a wide swath of the Eastern Seaboard! Occurring on a full moon, the storm surge is likely to be huge–very damaging and very dangerous. Given that, we implore exuberant birders to think about safety first, and don’t take risks! There are still uncertainties, and time will tell whether the predicted path is correct, but let’s assume for the moment that it is: what can the hurricane-chasing birder expect to find? Please read on and visit BirdCast for regular updates on the storm!

Please also read our Hurricane Irene redux, and general discussion of birding in hurricanes here:

Below we discuss potential strategies and birds to be alert for during the passage ofSandy.

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