If You Happen To Be In Portland (Maine)

Our never-ending commitment to demonstrate the value of public libraries–not just the institution as a great idea but all its phenomenal specific examples– led us to the Portland, Maine Public Library.  We wish it were as simple as walking down the street to visit this exhibit…

Click the image to the right to go to its website, highlighting the roles of Maine College of Art and Portland Public Library. And major thanks to The Bank of Maine, mainly for funding generously provided to support your public library, but also for doing it with a master of illustrated story-telling.

If you happen, like many of us on this site, to be a devoted fan of Mr. Gorey, you might find this profile of him in Harvard Magazine to be of interest.  And for that matter, if you happen to be in Portland, Maine then you are relatively not so far from the Gorey home, which is open to visitors.

6 thoughts on “If You Happen To Be In Portland (Maine)

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