Krulwich Wonders About The Little Things

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Every year, thousands of college graduates pour into big cities, find themselves a fun place to live in a cool neighborhood, great location, friends all around. But then, their luck turns, they run short of money, lose their first job, their second job, lose their lease, and then, step by step, find themselves in places that are less safe, less airy, less and less livable, until they’re on the bad side of town in a scary, dank room … and life is grim. You know people like this?

Well, this is their mascot: an animal with a serious real estate problem.

Robert Krulwich /NPR

Robert Krulwich /NPR

This brave, mobile, tough little insect has been on the planet almost as long as the cockroach. It’s a survivor. But in its time on Earth, it has moved from sunny, glorious forests to emptier, colder places. Now, it’s the only big insect that makes its living in perpetual snow. Most insects stop moving when it gets too cold. But not this guy. He lives on ice. Yup, ice.

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