Coffee Maker Verification

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No promotion, per se.  We like the message, and we are curious, if you have had experience with this machine, whether you can verify for us the claims of the company:

By using hand-powered pressure coffee making becomes a more involving pleasure. As you become more experienced you can fine-tune how you use the ROK espresso maker to produce espressos to your personal taste. 

We love coffee. We love design and engineering. So we wanted to create the best coffee maker we could. So that’s what we did – back in 2004 when the ROK espresso maker began life as the Presso. Now, 30,000 happy customers later we have improved it all round. With 35% stronger metal it’s virtually indestructible – but please don’t try! The base now has rubber feet to stop it from sliding. The milk-frother has been upgraded from plastic to stainless steel and the cardboard box has been replaced with a re-usable storage tin.

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